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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between the adult toolkit and the young people's toolkit?  Is there a difference?

Yes, there is a difference as well as similarities.  Both contain exercises that will help a facilitators teach participants about the relationship between the various Grandfather teachings and issues in Violence Against Aboriginal Womenas well as information concerning resources and ideas for promoting awareness.  Where they differ is in direction.

The adult toolkits are designed to help Adult Aboriginal Men and Youth engage other Adult Aboriginal Men and Youth in ending Violence Against Aboriginal Women.

The young people's Toolkit is designed to achieve four goals.  It is aimed at youth age 7 - 14 teaching them how to identify issues of abuse.  The toolkit seeks to re-educate youth about traditional responsibilites by learning that our teachings have never condoned domestic violence.  It seeks to inspire young men and boys to engage others to engage others to stop the abuse.  It seeks to support young people who choose to treat women and girls with equality.


The adult component of KAN is delivered with men in mind, is this true of the youth component?

Yes and no.  Yes it is done with males in mind but the age group is 7 - 14 where the differences between boys and girls is less pronounced.  This information is for both boys and girls, but it's important that the facilitators be males.  Our facilitators are given the titles Role Model and Mentor.  Our Role Models are young men (teens) teained to deliver this information to our youth.  our Mentors are adult men who work closley with the Role Models ans support them in this delivery.  It's important that our youth see Aboriginal males speaking out against Violence Against Aboriginal Women.

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