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Humility is becoming aware of yourself and your needs. This teaching shows us how to communicate and share our feelings.

Humility Is To Know Yourself As A Sacred Part Of Creation

Medicine Wheel

As First Nations people a wonderful learning tool that has been developed for our use is the Medicine Wheel. It can be used to help us learn and achieve balance throughout our lives. The most important thing to know is change is achieved through using the will or by putting principles we have learned into action. When we do this the universe supports us with teachers, mentors and opportunities to further learn and try out these new lessons.

It is said that our learning is not balanced unless all areas of the wheel has been covered in our process. The mental, physical, spiritual and emotional can be taught or mentored negatively or positively. The way to determine this is by the effects the behaviour produces. If the behaviour causes us physical or emotional stress, or separation from our loved ones then we have to go back and revisit the medicine wheel with its teachings of balance in the four areas of our being. Sometimes we can receive a dream or vision in the form of a warning or encouragement. The medicine wheel can be used to show us the best way to follow through with this inner guidance.

The medicine wheel is a powerful symbol and shows how everything is connected, including us to each and every person, and all of creation. Many people believe that using the medicine wheel can aid us in living a good life by learning how to meet the needs of all the different parts of our being; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


The Healing Circle

In Aboriginal society the circle symbolizes the cycles within nature - Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, and are an important teacher to Native Peoples. Circles stand for respect, equality, inclusiveness and the continual flow of life. We respect that different nations may have different teachings about the circle and how it is used.

The Healing Circle has developed as a very useful tool within Aboriginal communities to start the process of healing and reclaiming of culture after the devastating impact of residential schools, and other historical factors. There was a prophecy given to some nations that the seventh (present day) generation would come and would once again live inside the circle. Then Native people would one day live in harmony with our Mother the Earth. The healing is part of that prophecy as well.

Healing or sharing circles are a time when people or a community can come together and share grief, pain, joy and humour. A group will sit down together in a circle, give thanks or pray for all that is around them, and share within the safety and sacredness of the circle. It is in that circle that we are connecting with all of life, the sacredness and the continuity of that life. By sharing our pains, our losses, or humour, we laugh and we cry. We can heal our mind, bodies and spirit in this way and learn more about sharing and communicating our feelings. Using a talking stick or feather in a healing circle can help the person focus him or herself to have a deeper awareness into their inner world, or inner feelings. As each person has the opportunity to speak, the object gets passed to the next person. It doesn’t have to be in any certain order. When we journey to the centre of our being in ceremony (or when meditating or spending time alone), it is at that time that we are closest to the Creator, or our connection to the universal energies.


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