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Growing up can be tough, even tougher if you’re dealing with bullies or are in a bad relationship. No one should have to put up with someone hurting or bullying them. Bullies only want attention. If you fight back or call them names you’re giving them what they want and it could become a bigger problem. Ignore bullies as best you can and report their behaviour to a teacher, principal, counsellor or parent.

Young girls and boys should understand their rights and know how they should and shouldn’t be treated by a boyfriend or girlfriend. If you feel uncomfortable with the way your boyfriend or girlfriend treats you, ask a role model for guidance. Always trust your gut feelings. If you feel unsafe with someone, get out of the relationship.

In any situation where you feel uncomfortable with how someone is treating you it’s important to reach out and talk to someone. A parent, teacher, counsellor or police officer can help you with your situation. For anonymous advice, call the Kid’s Help Phone at 1-800-668-6868.

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