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What is Abuse? What is Abuse?
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What type of abuse is this?

Scenario #1
Jenna’s boyfriend wants her to wear really short skirts and tight shirts. He says if she loves him she’ll do it for him. It makes Jenna uncomfortable but she wants to make him happy.

  1. Verbal abuse
  2. Physical abuse
  3. Emotional abuse

When Jenna’s boyfriend tells her she’ll wear certain clothes for him if she loves him he’s using her emotions to control her. This is emotional abuse. Friends and boyfriends should love you for who you are and not try to change you.

Scenario #2
A girl at school is spreading rumours about Leslie saying that she doesn’t shower. Leslie feels like everyone is talking about her now but doesn’t want to say anything because she thinks she will look like a tattle tale.

  1. Bullying
  2. Physical abuse
  3. Neglect

This type of behaviour is known as bullying. The girl spreading rumours isn’t physically hurting Leslie but her actions are just as hurtful.

Scenario #3
The teacher at Jeff’s school made fun of him in front of the class because he didn’t know how to solve a math problem. Math is hard but now he doesn’t even want to ask for help.

  1. Verbal abuse
  2. Physical abuse
  3. Bullying

People in authority positions like teachers, doctors and policemen should never make you feel bad about yourself. Jeff’s teacher verbally abused him when he made fun of him and embarrassed him in front of the class.

Scenario #4
John’s babysitter sometimes touches him in places that make him feel uncomfortable when he’s helping him get changed into PJs for bed. When John says he doesn’t like it his babysitter tells him he’s being silly.

  1. Emotional abuse
  2. Neglect
  3. Other abuse

Touching in inappropriate places is other abuse and can make you feel uncomfortable. Talk to someone you trust if you experience this type of abuse.

Scenario #5
Randy and his best friend like to play board games but when Randy’s friend doesn’t win he gets really mad and sometimes hits Randy and throws the game pieces at him. Randy likes playing with his friend but when he gets upset he doesn’t want to be around him. Randy doesn’t want to tell his parents because they may not let him play at his house anymore.

  1. Emotional abuse
  2. Physical Abuse
  3. Cyber bullying

Friends don’t hit friends. When Randy’s friend lets his anger get out of hand and hits Randy, he is physically abusing him.

Scenario #6
Lauren lives alone with her mom. Her mom got really upset when she lost her job and now stays at home watching TV and drinking. When Lauren gets home from school she’s always starved but lately her mother never makes her dinner. Lauren doesn’t know how to make her own dinner and is scared of what will happen if she asks her mom to make her something.

  1. Neglect
  2. Physical abuse
  3. Verbal abuse

When your needs aren’t being taken care of you are being neglected. Neglect is when a parent or guardian does not take care of your basic needs including food, home, clothes, and medical care.

Scenario #7
Carrie hasn’t seen much of her friend Aimee since Aimee got a new boyfriend. Her boyfriend won’t let her hang out with Carrie anymore. He said he doesn’t like Carrie and will break up with Aimee if she spends time with her. Carrie and Aimee miss each other but Aimee doesn’t want to lose her boyfriend.

  1. Other abuse
  2. Physical abuse
  3. Emotional abuse

A boyfriend who tells you who you can and can’t see is abusing you. When Aimee’s boyfriend threatens to break up with her he is emotionally abusing her by using her feelings for him against her.

Scenario #8
Jackie’s friend at school has really bad bruises on her arm. Jackie tries to ask her what they’re from but she covers them up and walks away. Jackie is worried that her friend’s dad is hitting her. Her family is very strict about getting chores done on time.

  1. Physical abuse
  2. Neglect
  3. Emotional abuse

Bruises, cuts and other tender areas are often clear signs of physical abuse. If a person does these things because they are trying to hurt you they are abusing you.

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