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Your friends should like you for who you are. Don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t just to look “cool” or impress a girl. Be yourself and you’ll find friends and girlfriends will like you more for it.

Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Remember that activities like gossiping can be just as hurtful as physically hurting someone. Be careful of what you say because words are hard to take back. You wouldn’t like it if someone was spreading rumours about you.

Be a good friend. Listen when a friend or a girlfriend has a problem and be a shoulder to lean on. Sometimes that’s the best thing you can do for a friend.

Talk about how you are feeling. Never let someone make you feel like what you have to say or how you are feeling isn’t important enough to express.

Listen to your girlfriend. By listening to her you’re showing her you care and respect her thoughts and feelings.

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side of course! Jokes are fun and everyone seems to have one to share. However, inappropriate jokes may seem funny at first but they can hurt a person’s feelings. Making jokes about girls with your friends isn’t cool and could really hurt someone’s feelings.

Fight fair. Not physically of course, but when you get mad it is important to think calmly and express your feelings clearly. Give the other person the chance to talk about their feelings and give their side and they will give you the chance to express yours. An argument never has to come to name calling and yelling. If it is getting out of hand take a step back, breathe and approach the subject when you’ve both calmed down. If you can’t resolve the issue on your own take it to a teacher or adult who can help you resolve the problem.

Live your life! You don’t need to spend all of your time with your girlfriend. It’s good to do things that you enjoy on your own as well as things together. Sure you like hanging out with your girlfriend but that doesn’t mean you should forget about your other friends. It’s good to spend time with friends and family as well as girlfriends.

Talk to a role model. Growing up is tough so it’s good to have someone you can go to who can talk to you about some of the things you might be growing through. Find someone you trust to talk about emotions, body changes or just how your day was. Having someone who’s been through it can help you as you grow up.

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